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PharmSuccess offers practice tests and programs for MPJE®, NAPLEX® & FPGEE®. All practice tests provide an estimated scaled percentile score upon completion of the test. All of our products are available on CD as well as online.

MPJE® Practice Pack
(Four Programs)

This pack consists of: 1). MPJE® Practice Test, 2). MPJE® Review Test, 3). Controlled Drug Laws and 4). Federal Pharmacy Laws. MPJE® Practice Test provides an estimated score and is meant to check your test preparedness... More info

MPJE® Mini Review
(Two Programs)

Constitutes two full length MPJE® Review Tests, each with 90 multiple choice questions. These tests are meant to serve as a review of MPJE® and provides a percentage score and allows reviewing the test upon completion... More info

MPJE® Mega Review
(Five Programs)

Constitutes five full length MPJE® Review Tests containing a total of 450 multiple choice questions. They are meant to serve as a review of MPJE® and to help acquaint you with exam content and questions... More info

MPJE® Review Combo
(Seven Programs)

Consists of MPJE® Mini Review and MPJE® Mega Review providing you seven full length MPJE® Review Tests. 630 multiple choice questions meant to help you review for the pharmacy law exam and succeed with confidence... More info

MPJE® Mega Combo
(Eleven Programs)

MPJE® Mega Combo is meant to provide you comprehensive material for practice and review of MPJE®. It consists of Practice Pack and Review Combo comprising of 11 programs totaling 870 multiple choice questions...  More info

NAPLEX®-MPJE Practice Pack
(Seven Programs)

This pack consists of MPJE® Practice Pack and NAPLEX® Practice Pack, providing you an extensive practice material for both exams.  They are designed to help you evaluate your test preparation and familiarize with most widely asked questions... More info

NAPLEX®-MPJE® Mega Combo
(Fourteen Programs)

Huge compilation of exam style questions for NAPLEX® and MPJE®. The combo consists of MPJE® Practice Pack, NAPLEX® Practice Pack and MPJE® Review Combo. Total of 14 PharmSuccess programs to help you test with confidence... More info

MPJE® State Review

Each state review is available as a review test with more than 100 multiple choice questions. These questions are state specific and are derived from the official state pharmacy laws. The review test is meant to accustom you with the state pharmacy laws and can be run in two modes:

  • Test Mode: Test mode provides a percentage score upon completion. Just like the actual MPJE®, you must answer every question and may not change the answer once submitted.

  • Review Mode:  Upon completion of the test mode, you may review your test performance and view the correct answer option for all multiple choice questions.

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