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PharmSuccess offers practice tests and programs for MPJE®, NAPLEX® & FPGEE®. All practice tests provide an estimated scaled percentile score upon completion of the test. All of our products are available on CD as well as online.

FPGEE® Practice Pack
(Three Programs)


This package is designed to acquaint you with the FPGEE® and it's contents and consists of three PharmSuccess programs:

1). FPGEE® Practice Test: DEMO Computer Based FPGEE® Practice Test consists of 160 questions, each with four answer options. An estimated scaled percentile score is displayed immediately upon completion of the practice test. The test is designed to include all topics in appropriate proportions to represent the actual full length practice test for FPGEE®.

The practice test spans 2 hours & 40 minutes and must be completed in a single sitting. Since this test is designed to perform like the actual FPGEE®, reviewing a completed test and back-browsing is not provided. Unlike the actual exam, this test is not divided into parts or sections.

2). Pharmacy Management: DEMO This is a computer based practice program consisting of 40 questions, each with four answer options. The questions are based on the most widely asked management questions in FPGEE®. The practice program can be run in two modes:

  • Test Mode: The test mode spans 30 minutes. At the end of the test your score is displayed as the number of questions you answered right.

  • Answer Mode:  The answer mode spans up to a maximum of 3 hours. Answer mode runs similar to the test mode except that each question is displayed with the correct answer in bold.

3). FPGEE® Calculations: FPGEE® Calculations is a computer based practice program that consists of 120 questions, each with four answer options. The questions are based on the most widely asked calculations in the FPGEE®. The practice program can be run in two modes:

  • Evaluation Mode: The evaluation mode spans 2 hours and 30 minutes. At the end of the test your score is displayed as the percentage of questions you answered right.

  • Review Mode: Upon completion of the evaluation mode, you may review your answer option and also view the correct answers to the test questions.

As is expected of a practice test, these tests are only self evaluation tools and do not imply guarantee of any kind. Please refer to help section for more explanations or contact us with any queries or concerns.

System Requirements

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The CD can be purchased for $99.99 + S&H. You may take the Practice Tests as many times as you wish on the CD.

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Online Access Purchase Information ($69.99)

The online access can be purchased for $69.99. During the payment, you will be provided a unique "User Name" and "Password" which will be needed to access the online practice test.

Within 12 hours (in most cases, few hours) of receipt of your payment, your account (User Name & Password) will be activated upon which you can access the online test. You may access the online test as many times as you wish.

The unique user name and password is for your personal use only and may not be sold or shared without permission.

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